Topics: Linux, GNU Compiler Collection, Linux Terminal Server Project Pages: 1 (259 words) Published: April 9, 2013
A Point-of-Sale System is the frontend of a retail shop or cafeteria. It is needed by large schools to keep track of cafeteria credits consumed. A need for a computerized ticketing system for the boarding school was seen by the Office of the Dean of Student Finance of the Adventist University of the Philippines to free them of the expensive printing costs of paper meal tickets. [picture of old meal ticket] The timing of the request for this system and the availability of technology to make it cheaply possible is important to the goal of the project. The author had been implementing thin client linux workstations both for production and laboratory/academic use. The Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) is the thin client technology to be used. The availability of the free user interface designer tool, Glade, and the free C/C++ compiler, GNU C Compiler, makes this project more realizable. Since the project is critical to the operation of the Cafeteria, it was found suitable to add server hot redundancy to ensure high-availability and the Linux-HA Project was chosen for this. Wireless Application Protocol, Short Messaging System, and Interactive Voice Response System technologies will help students inquire about their cafeteria account balance and expiry dates of cafeteria credits. All the technologies to be used have been around for at least six months and are being used in production environments according to their respective websites. The author will apply these technologies in this thesis-project to satisfy the operational requirements of the AUP Cafeteria.
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