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SWOT analysis and 4p’s structure of Finish Dishwasher Tablet 25packs

The product that will be dealing with in this report is named of Finish dishwasher tablet 25 packs. The company name that sells this product is ‘Finish the diamond standard’. They give people the phrases, which inspire them to buy these products such as it cleans to a shine, this will banish the dirt or when you use the other products they offer it will result much greater value than using just tablet. As they said it before, there are number of products that they are offering to use together when washing the dishes like salt and rinse aids. The company is originally a British company and exports the products to the similar market, Australia. The original products of tablet offer various quantities in one pack. There are 10, 14, 20, 26 (max in 1), 28, 30, and 60. They are using many effective features to show how their products are good, for example no need to unwrap the cover due to meting down. The homepage of the company give people the best overview in their values. This report are going to talk about SWOT analysis, which is Strength, weakness, opportunity and threat followed by 4p’s structure, which is price, place, promotion and products.

SWOT analysis
The strength of Finish dishwasher tablet is, first, that it has various products, which has synergy effect with tablet such as powder and gel. Because there are not many brands in sub-products in dishwasher, the company’s products have strong abilities that those items give good quality to consumer with their values of each one. Another strong point about it is environment factor. The company cares about not only the cleaning of the dishes but also saving water and energy. This fact can give thought that the business serves the society as they act the importance of environment. These internal features of the company give belief to consumer that they can use it with confidence.

The fact that the...
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