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The Swot analysis is a concise analytical method used to assess the strength, weakness, opportunities and threat in a company. The internal factors to the company can be categorised as the strengths and the weaknesses of the company while the external factors to the company can be categorised as the opportunity and threats. These four elements are more or less the four factors of success in a business. The swot analysis helps evaluate the strategic position of a company by analysing both the external and internal factors that could be favourable or unfavourable to the aims and objectives of the company. It is essential that this analysis include non-marketing components and cost as variables.

Respectable Reputation for their refined quality, reliability and also their good customer service. •BMW possess various array of products that do not overlap such as BMW, Rolls Royce and the Mini. •BMW have maintained a strong Financial Position over the years •Strong focus on development of product.

Through media and movie industry BMW have been able to have an impact on the consumers. •BMW spends a large sum of their income on R&D
High manufacturing cost due to BMW’s heavy cost German base. •They only assembly the vehicles in their plants.

BMW can capitalize on the growth of some E U countries and China to improve its profit gain. •BMW can start using raw materials by merging their assembly plants with manufacturing. •The acquisition of Rover will enable BMW expand their market target.

The rising cost of raw materials is likely to negatively affect the company’s income. •The on going drop of the dollar against the Euro might decrease the company’s profit.

BMW has a reputation for luxurious quality and reliability, they are also resected as one of the most superior driving machines, prominent...
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