Swot of Samsung

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SWOT Analysis Of SamsunG
* new bogus appurtenances abstraction to rollout in 5 months. * communicable the beating of the buyer, present acceptable designs & accepting emotions. * Heavy asset in technology, artefact architecture and staff. * Focus on new articles for the high-end marketplace.

* Lack in artefact separation.
* Different models at assorted amount points.
* centermost on accumulation bazaar instead of alcove markets. * Not actual user affable design.
* differentiate its account from competitors.
* Offer artefact variation
* crave for corpuscle phones apprenticed by the account provider or carriers. * Tie up with account providers. lower the amount of a buzz by just $20 in abounding countries could increase * Affordability by 43%.

* Motorola's babyminding in the U.S market, Nokia's acceptance in the Pakistani market, artful added than bisected of the apple market. * Agitated competitor, including Sony Ericsson and Siemens bistro into its share. * Not befitting clue of the new trend in the market.

* Not an appearance accent and appearance statement


Consumer Electronic Products like :
 Colour Television (CTV’s)
 Refrigerators (Frost Free)
 Air Conditioners
 GSM & CDMA Handsets
 Front Loading Washing Machines
 LCD TV, Plasma TV
Advertising and Promotional
 Initially, Samsung’s advertising activities was
 In 1999, Samsung unveiled a new slogan –
“Samsung DIGITall: Everyone’s invited”
 Expressed the company’s aim “FOR ALL

In zzIn 2001, Samsung added the word ‘WOW’ to its
marketing campaigns to show the admiration of
consumer for its innovative but affordable products
 In May 2002, Samsung announced its plan to extend its
‘DigitAll’ campaign, by launching new global campaigns
with different tag lines – ‘DigitAll Passion,’ DigitAll Escape,’ and DigitAll Wow.”
 New, spunky, tagline - 'Next is What ?'. It is being used in all of 'Samsung Mobiles' communication material

Porter five forces
Porter five forces model, developed by Michael E.Porter of Harvard University in 1979, holds the purpose to analyze the industry in order to determine the level of intensity regarding the competition and attractiveness of the industry. The attractiveness of an industry is measured in terms of profit; more profitability means a more attractive industry and low profitability means a low attractive industry. Porter referred to these forces as micro environment rather than macro environment because these forces are nearest in the sense of affecting the organization. Organizations have to re-assess the market if any of the forces change, it does not necessary that the  organization should leave the industry if the profitability is low, because most of the organization are making good profits by applying their core competencies to gain competitive edge over their rivals and increase their profits. The word “Strategy” is very common in this advanced era of the business and technological world, it is used even in our daily life routine, you may have heard at times that lots of people discuss about strategies (plans) to achieve something.  You must be thinking that strategies are developed in dreams or common sense by higher management of the company but that is not the case, even the best of the  strategies always comes after proper evaluation of internal and external environment of the company. The strategies are made by strategists to achieve objective or goals to allow the business to compete in industry. Porter five forces model of competitive analysis is a widely used approach for developing strategies in many industries. The intensity of competition varies across the industries. The intensity of competition is higher in low...
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