Swot of Popular Holding Berhard

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SWOT of Popular holding Berhard

The strength for Popular holdings Berhad are the core values of the company. The core values of the company are People, Objectivity, Product, Unity, Leadership, Action, and Reward & Recognition. According to the first core value of Popular , people are their customers, they are their greatest asset. Second core value states that Popular approach their work positively through pro-active participation and open communication. The third core value says that Popular provides their customers quality product at a reasonable price and the fourth value says that Popular respect their people and promote teamwork. Leading with commitment, integrity and competence is the fifth core value of Popular. The six value will be strive for excellence, fostering a quality culture in our company. Lastly Popular encourage, recognize and reward their people for exemplary performance. The second strength is a strong board of directors with Mr Chou Cheng Ngok as the Chairman& Managing Director. He has a master degree in Political Science from US. Popular have Ms Lim Lee Ngoh as their Executive Director & CEO of Malaysia operations. Ms. Lim holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting, Finance and Business) Degree from the University of New South Wales, Australia. More over, Popular’s two Independent Directors are also very capable of dong their job. The strengths of the new product are the modern technology that is small in size and convenient to be carried around. With this Pop Card, students don’t have to carry heavy books all round when they need to study. They can simply slot a small little card in their laptops and read all the content faster. Besides that, this pop card is also rewritable. This not only saves the cost of buying the book but it’s also an environmental friendly way of saving trees. The students can come back to any Popular outlets for the service of the product. There they are allowed to request for the extra subjects...
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