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SWOT Analysis for Mamee
To gain a deeper insight into MAMEE-DOUBLE DECKER (M) BERHAD's operation, SWOT analysis is an appropriate tool. It thoroughly analyzes MAMEE-DOUBLE DECKER (M) BERHAD from the aspects of strength, weakness, opportunity and threat which can give a comprehensive overview on the company. Soon after the analysis is conducted, the market position and prospect of MAMEE-DOUBLE DECKER (M) BERHAD's should be clear and the suitable strategy can be devised and implemented as well.

The strengths of MAMEE-DOUBLE DECKER (M) BERHAD lie on the improving quality, business network and appropriate market strategy. These strengths enable MAMEE-DOUBLE DECKER (M) BERHAD to continue competing in the market composed of Wangwang, Khongyuen and Oishi. They can survive there because of their strong promotion among the entire resident there. Profit before Tax recorded a double-digit growth of 57.3% from RM9.6 million to MAMEE-DOUBLE DECKER (M) BERHAD's financial performance continued on the up trend with another set of commendable results. The efforts in penetrating into new export market has growing by 6.2% from RM242 million in 2002 to RM257 million. RM15.1 million for the year under review as a result of increased production efficiency in manufacturing coupled with reduction in operational costs in distribution channels. MAMEE-DOUBLE DECKER (M) BERHAD has become a part of Malaysian household brand today. Every Mamee product reaches the consumer smoothly and promptly, from the beginning of manufacturing process to delivery to customer checkout point via an efficient distribution network and cutting-edge marketing strategies. Every year, MAMEE-DOUBLE DECKER (M) BERHAD invest generously into building and consolidating our relationship with our consumers. Around RM15.1 million is invested into advertising and promotions that are consumer-driven. This is the long-term strategy towards owing a larger slice of the market share. One of MAMEE-DOUBLE DECKER...
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