Swot - Knowledge Retention Strategies

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  • Published : April 20, 2011
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SWOT – Knowledge Transfer Process
Christine Litwa
STLDR 580 – Knowledge Management
November 10, 2010
Susan Dixon, Instructor
Neumann University
SWOT – Knowledge Retention Strategies
|Strengths |Weaknesses | |Build a knowledge retention strategy |Lost knowledge | |Obtain a critical resource |Reductions-in-force (RIF) | |Management & employee growth |Cost | |Opportunities |Threats | |Fresh start to rebuild brand |September 11th terrorist attack | |Rebuild Trust |Sluggish worldwide economy | |Lead the industry in knowledge management |Downsizing |

This SWOT analysis will look at the knowledge retention strategy that Delta Airlines built. Looking externally, some of the biggest threats for Delta Airlines include the September 11th terrorist attack and the sluggish worldwide economy. Both the state of the economy as well as the September 11th terrorist attack made downsizing inevitable for Delta. Unfortunately for Delta Airlines, this caused an unexpected loss of knowledge due to the 11,000 employees that left the company after they offered employees a favorable severance package. They have not only experienced a major catastrophe, Delta also has to deal...
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