Swot for Nucor Corporation

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  • Published : July 7, 2011
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Strengths| Weaknesses|
Strong market position| No foreign markets|
Strong leadership and loyal employees| Mature industry|
Technology| Lack of focus on competitors|
Opportunities| Threats|
Expansion to foreign markets| Lack of raw materials|
Acquisition of David J Joseph| Competition buy out|
Hismelt technology| Domestic invasion|

The SWOT analysis for Nucor Corporation has great strengths. The main strength is its continued successful market position. Throughout the history of the company, they have stayed on the top of competition through both innovation and drive. Another important strength is the amount of great leadership and loyal employees throughout the whole business. There is a constant goal they are all striving for which makes for a good team consensus. There is also a tremendous amount of respect for every single employee. This makes for happy workers which results in a better work ethic and better outcomes. The fact that technology can and will save the company numerous amounts of materials that are becoming quite scarce is another significant strength. Nucor is considered one the most innovative in the industry and continues to update its business strategies to new, cost-saving, and environment saving procedures. Nucor doesn’t have any foreign locations. This in turn is a major weakness due to the company losing a great deal of both possible sales and possible customers. If they were to open in some other countries, they could also have the possibility of buying out younger, smaller companies in the industry. Another weakness is that the steel industry is very mature. The growth in this industry for new and old companies is declining, making the future look grim. A weakness Nucor could easily fix is their lack of focus on their competitors. There has been no significant damage by focusing completely on them, but to improve in the future they need to pay more attention to the business environment around...
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