Swot for Hilton Hotel in New Zealand

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  • Published : February 24, 2011
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The following analysis highlights the internal strengths and weaknesses of our organization and the opportunities and threats facing the company in our external environment. We must work to improve our areas of weakness. Organizational strengths must be leveraged in order to capitalize on external opportunities as

They arise, and contingency plans formulated in order to deal with threats presented by the environment.



• Strategy: established differentiation strategy.

• Structure: flat, decentralized structure.

• Skills: diverse range of service skills within management and staff.

• Style: strong, participative culture.

• Staff: specialized and experienced staff that is motivated and highly skilled. A well trained team who are proud of their hotel and respect and promote the brand values.

• Shared Values: clear and well communicated.

• Brand Strength: brand values well represented engendering brand loyalty amongst existing and new guests.

• Reputation: a strong reputation within the local market and corporate and travel trade markets for reliability, exemplary service and quality.


• Strategy: differentiation strategy needs to be more clearly communicated externally, within local and national markets.

• Systems: formal systems result from the detail oriented work and environment. Interdepartmental communications could be improved.

• Staff: seasonal turnover requires ongoing training and orientation of new staff.

• Facilities: certain rooms require renovation and upgrade as regards technical equipment, such as high speed Internet access and laptop links.


• Market: returning growth after a period of slump.

• Competitors: no direct competition exists at present, in terms of the five star 'boutique business property' niche.

• Suppliers: strong, long-term relationships established with suppliers.

• Guest...
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