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Topics: Egypt, Red Sea, Suez Canal Pages: 2 (761 words) Published: October 24, 2011
Strengths for Egypt
Egypt is located in the northeast corner of the African continent which is a major crossroads between Europe, The Middle East, Africa and West and South Asia, with an area of 386,659 square miles. The Nile River has played an important role in the life, civilization and history of the Egyptian nation. One of the most importat talent of the Nile River is the ability to produce extremely fertile soil, in addition Egypt is depenedent of the Nile River for nearly all of its water needs. The Suez Canal is 101 mile long that connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea a linkage vital to both Egypt and the world, since the Suez Canal is one of the world's most significant waterways as it supports 8% of the world's shipping traffic and almost 50 ships pass through the canal daily. Egypt has overcome many strides in the past few years, “making it one of the Middle East’s fastest growing economies.”1 The country experienced a bold reform in 2004, which triggered its economic growth.

Weakness for Egypt
A largely part of Egypt is uninhabited desert, where there is no possibility to crop or for a human being to live. The temperatures range between an average minimum of 14 degrees Celsius in the winter and an average maximum of 30 degrees Celsius in summer. Egypt does not enjoy a democratic society in the Western sense. It is a self governing body. The lack of fertile land forces Egypt to purchase resources from other countries. This lowers the available money to build the economy. Although Egypt has a positive growth rate, the country is considered poor. Developing countries with large, crowded populations, experience many diverse problems. "Egypt has had a very strong economic growth in recent years, a situation that continues even as of 2005, with a growth in GDP of 4.5% divided on a population growth of 1.8%. Despite the positive growth, Egypt still exhibits extreme differences between rich and poor, and is by any standard still to be...
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