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Topics: Metro Manila, Face, Marketing Pages: 2 (346 words) Published: January 19, 2011
SWOT Analysis (1st semester)
Faces bring together strong, collaborative in people in a dynamic culture of mutual respect, support and passion for our product. The team bonds together in the face of adversity and celebrates its victories. •The faces products represent unique synthesis of magic and logic that stands for quality, authenticity, and value of its products. Weaknesses

Partners do not share the same like in some situations which may lead to misunderstanding because they never know each other very well and have not made bonding yet that can help them understand and know each other well. •Not all partners are wholeheartedly committed in the business. Opportunities

It is only the company that produces bag with 3 faces.
Products are exported to other countries.
Because of the recession happening in the economy faces, most of the Filipino is saving. Faces bag are affordable, fashionable and can transform in three faces in three different styles in one bag. Threats

It does have many competitors
SWOT Analysis (2nd semester)
Faces Company is the only company who offered bags inside QCPU. The team united for the purpose of the main goal which is to become successful inside and out of the school. •The companies offered and give a good quality, durability and fit to the life style of the consumer especially for the ladies. Weaknesses

Faces Company doesn't sure if they have sales for every day, it is because of the competitors who offered basic needs and it is food. •The company accepts credit because of that, company experience slow returning of income. •Some of the partners got a problem to their obligation for the company; it is because of their personal reason. Opportunities

It is the company who produces reversible bag inside campus. •Products also available not only in Novaliches but hopefully in all Metro Manila. •Our concern is our customer, faces produce an affordable, unique and a good product that...
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