Swot and Pestle Analysis of Coca Cola

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  • Published : July 26, 2012
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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY---------------------------------------------------------------------page 3 INRODUCTION--------------------------------------------------------------------------------page 4 INTERNAL ENVIRONMENTS---------------------------------------------------------------page 5 EQUIPMENT-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------page 5 to page 6 TECHNICAL FACILITIES----------------------------------------------------------------------page 6 ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURES------------------------------------------------------------page 7 to 8 MANAGEMENT SYSTEM-------------------------------------------------------------------page 9 FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT---------------------------------------------------------------page 10 EMPLOYEE MORALE------------------------------------------------------------------------page 11 COMPETITION---------------------------------------------------------------------------------page 12 TRAINING---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------page 12 EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENTS---------------------------------------------------------------page 13 POLITICAL FACTORS-------------------------------------------------------------------------page 14 to 15 ENVIRONMENTAL FAVTORS---------------------------------------------------------------page 15 to 17 SOCIAL FACTORS------------------------------------------------------------------------------page 17 to 19 TECHNOLOGICAL FACTORS----------------------------------------------------------------page 20 to 21 ECONOMICAL FACTORS---------------------------------------------------------------------page 21 to 22 LEGAL FACTORS-------------------------------------------------------------------------------page 22 to 23 CONCLUSION-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------page 24 BIBLIOGRAPHY---------------------------------------------------------------------------------page 25


At first we want to thank our honorable faculty member MR Jasim Uddin to give us adequate support and assistance to complete our project. We are also grateful to our group members who work very hard to complete the term paper. In our term paper we have worked with COCA COLA and its internal n and external environments and how these factors affect COCA COLA’s business performance. We have collected informations from internet and different sources.

INTRODUCTION COCA COLA is the largest beverage company in the world. It is a beverage company which produces different brands of fruit juices, energy drinks, cola drinks, Sport drinks etc. John Pemberton, an Atlanta pharmacist first discovered the coca cola drink with nine different hurbs and chemicals. Then Pembertons’s book keeper Frank Robinson named it “COCA COLA”. Then after several years the drink became very popular and the “COCA COLA” company formed. THE ROBOT GLASS company then designed the famous bottle of coca cola. In the 1900th,COCA COLA company started the business in CANADA, PUERTO RICO,FRANCE and other European countries. Today this company is serving approximately 1.7 billion people in the world.

At present COCA COLA has the business in 200 countries across the world. They are producing 3500 types of beverages throughout the world. They have more than 139600 employees across the world. There are some internal and external factors are there which are...
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