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The battle for change is but loud and clear. Yet our people seem to act dumb to care. Everyday people struggle for improvement in their lives, in their beliefs in their dreams. It is a prolonging debate that this country is in great distress .Illiteracy regarding our situation is what makes it more difficult to battle with. The responsibility to not just see through the deep-seated problems of our time but to also act at its expense is vested heavily on the youth.

It is a great wonder how the young blood of this generation will deal to uphold the objective of creating a country that is for the common tao when we are in an era where people choose to drop responsibility and vigilance behind, in lieu of a more secure and blissful subsistence.

The accountability of the young ones includes their involvement in transcending their classroom learning to real life. It is the display of prowess in the middle of turbulence. Present day merry-making is not the key to changing the republic. To combat penury, famine and inequality amongst people is a goal that should be taken seriously.

The time has come for the youth to speak their mind. There is a great opportunity to be heard..Grab it. There is a wide chance of being understood..Claim it. The peak is there to be reached. The world is in a different form now. It is time to re-assess ourselves and our capabilities to build a better, more liberating and open minded society.

The youth are the new architects of the republic. We are here to foster progress and eliminate suffering. We are here to rebuild not just our country more so ourselves. The invitation is not for cowards. The battle is for the courageous minds that long for revolution in a manner so noble and possible.
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