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Topics: BlackBerry, Marketing, Smartphone Pages: 4 (1103 words) Published: November 18, 2012
The following is the SWOT analysis for Blackberry Smartphone, a tool for auditing the organization and its’ environment and used to evaluate the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of the device, which provides a better understanding about its position in the marketplace, where it stands, and where it needs to move forward to see what its future predicaments will have for them. As you can see below, the growing/expansion market share of Blackberry is able to capture, its current strengths outweighs its weaknesses. In order for Blackberry’s opportunities to outweigh its threats they must make sure that their competitors do not excel in areas in which they are lacking and meet level of security. The main question we should ask ourselves is will Blackberry set the challenge in order to begin taking more market share for its competitors and produce products that will appeal to a broader target market by upgrading their interfaces and applications to the level that their security has.

Blackberry has several strengths including high brand awareness because it is a very recognizable brand with consumers. The company is known to have a good reputation of value for money and convenience because their products costs are worth the value the consumer receives. Blackberry does have a strong market position in the mobile market in comparison to its competitors. Blackberry also has the advantage of having the best e-mail and/or diversity device combination-organizer, internet, mp3 player, GPS, and social networks built into their products. The company is also leading in Smartphone technology because they have strong product depth. Blackberry has durable products because they have high capacity battery, built-in QWERTY keyboard, stylish/powerful features, and unique operating system.

Although Blackberry has its strengths, the company also has its weaknesses such as having its products used and/or created more toward business professionals than general...
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