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  • Published : January 2, 2007
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SWOT Analysis (also known as TOWS analysis) is a powerful technique for understanding company's Strengths and Weaknesses, and for looking at the Opportunities and Threats company face. The technique is credited to Albert Humphrey, who led a research project at Stanford University in the 1960s and 1970s using data from the Fortune 500 companies. It involves monitoring the marketing environment internal and external to the organization or individual. The SWOT analysis of Cadbury Schweppes are give below:

1.The main strength of cadbury is their Brand Name. No matter where people live, almost every body knows their Name. 2.They have a huge market share in UK. They captured almost 43% market share of Confectionary sector in UK. 3.Cadbury Schweppes has a group of effective and efficient employee. Their regional director Rajib Wahi won the international business man of the year in 2004. Source: Business Asia Today. 25th April, 2005. 4.They have varieties of products.

1.Basically Cadbury is based on two sector. 1. Confectionary sector and 2. Beverage sector. The market share of the beverage sector of Cadbury is 7% where Confectionary sector is 43%. It's a main weakness of the company. 2.The wastage of Cadbury is huge. Last year their wastage was almost 8% of their total cost. Source: EUROMONITOR 2004. Opportunities:

1.One of the daily mirror report shows that 30% people of UK are random soft drink user. So Cadbury has a huge opportunity of increase their market share of beverage sector. 2.Because of their huge market share they can provide credit card facilities to the customer. 3.They can launch new varieties of food in market. Like: Bread, various Ice cream etc. Threats:

1.One of their major threats is their strong competitors. Although they have the biggest market share but competitor like NESTLE, MARSH can beat them if they do any mistake. 2.Some of their chocolates contain Alcohol. This is prohibited...
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