Swot Analysis on Toms

Topics: Social media, Marketing, Advertising Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: December 7, 2012
SWOT Analysis: TOMS

* TOMS founded the one for one mission, which makes consumers interested in the product and encourages them to buy the product. * It has established its credibility by providing non-profit organizations with TOMS shoes to be given to children and families that cannot afford to buy shoes. * TOMS already has an established presence in social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Flickr and micro blogs. TOMS uses social media to both listen to and interact with its supporters and has active profiles on all of these platforms and provides interesting content, with real people, enthusiasm and stories about what TOMS does and how its shoes are helping all over the world. * The price of TOMS shoes is also very affordable compare to its competitors such as Vans, Convers, Birkenstock, and Rocket Dog.

* TOMS shoes has limited advertising, which leaves people unaware of the brand and the products it holds. TOMS has great potential to broaden their target market but because of lack of exposure it cannot maximize its use. * TOMS shoes has a very limited line. The styles of the products are every similar to one another. This weakness leaves the consumers unsatisfied because of the lack of options to buy from. * The brand is still new in the fashion industry, which makes people doubt the quality and comfort ability of the product. Consumers usually look for a more experienced brand especially when buying shoes for daily use. * TOMS shoes has a very small target market. This limits the companies’ income and minimizes the use of a potential brand.

* TOMS shoes has the potential to become a bigger brand than it already is. Advertising can help widen the target consumer of the brand, which would lead to an increase in income. * The brand has a large potential market. Changing up some styles to cater to other age groups will make more people interested in the...
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