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To what extent does O'Neil use the position of the abandoned children as a way to critique Social Institution?

              Baby faces many life changes growing out of childhood, she has never been able to experience the life that a child should, growing up without a mother and with a father that was a perpetual kid himself and caring for baby has been a hard task for him to carry out because he was absent most of the time. Jules was irresponsible and as his life became revolved more about him Baby was neglect and turned into the care of foster care most of her childhood. She faces many life changes in foster cares which explains why she has grown up to be such a rebellious teenager. Baby's social institutions In the foster care of Isabelle and Mary was where Baby felt mostly safe and cared for, however the last institution Baby has been put into was the delinquent center which has impacted her life. In the source of  " Comparisons of Substance Abuse, High risk Sexual Behaviors and Depressive Symptoms among Homeless Youth With and Without A History OF Foster Care Placement" written by Angela and Karabi Nancy explains how children are affected in the long run when they are put into foster care. The source is comparable to how Baby's life has changed bit by bit when she got out foster homes.

                The first foster home Baby has ever been too was at Isabelle's house. When Baby arrives at Isabelle's' house  she seems stressed  about being in a foster home, since she does not know what to expect . Isabelle has fostered many children who had come from broken homes or troubled family, and knows exactly how to bring about a situation like Baby’s' " The woman who ran the foster home told me her name was Isabelle, and she brought out an aluminum chair and let me sit in the front yard, Her husband brought me a cup of tea to drink" (26) The moment is handled delicately by having Baby go in on her own when she was ready. Baby analyzes the foster children...
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