Swot Analysis of a Date with Luyu

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  • Published : October 25, 2008
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A Date with Luyu is a talk show produced by Hong Kong-based Phoenix Television, and hosted by its creator 37-year-old Chen Luyu, ”China's Oprah” - on whose show it is modeled. Strength
Luyu’s social connections helped her to get high-powered guests. And as she gained increase recognition for doing this, she had more power to attract more and bigger celebrities. Unlike other interviewers, Luyu listened closely to the guest and used the previous answer to delve deeper into the topic, which established her as “every person’s friend” or “an inquisitive neighbor” (Luyu, 88). The guests include celebrity, wealth, and power in China, as well as ordinary hard-working and often suffering person at the bottom and middle of Chinese society. The wide social range of the guests gave her a great appeal and power with every level of audience. Weakness

Along with its soaring fame, A Date with Luyu began to attract hoaxers with phony stories, driven by the eager willingness to appear and demean themselves on national TV. (Scott, 231)Another problem is that, after recognizing the increasing popularity of psychological talk show, Luyu has been slowly exchanging a weekly celebrity interview for daily dispensing of chicken-soup and warm fuzzy gossip. The show has been increasingly focusing on people in trouble, goading the guest by asking embarrassing questions to raise audience ratings. Criticism has targeted the show as pandering to the worst instincts of the general public, with hardly any time to resolve any problem. Opportunities

In the light of the criticism of the more exploitive tabloid approach of the show, A Date with Luyu could stand in the face of the same kind of TV talk shows by inviting psychological therapists or experts to resolve the miseries of the guests. Fund-raising campaign is also a good way to help its guests and expand its social influence. Magazines could be published on the subsequent problem-solving process as self-help guidance to people facing the...
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