Swot Analysis of Women

Topics: India, Democracy, Lok Sabha Pages: 4 (718 words) Published: July 11, 2011
Emerging Role of Women in Indian Society-

Journey from Kitchen to Cosmos….


Women’s roles in India have been changing and women are now emerging from the past traditions into a new era of freedom and rights.

The basic objective of this presentation is to examine the changing role of women in Indian society. There is a need to critically evaluate the reservation of women in India and also make a SWOT analysis of the position of women in India at present. “Representation” of all citizens, however it may be defined is crucial for effective democratic governance. However in india , the representation in Lok Sabha is varying between 4 % to 8 % after the independence that is very much less as compared with worldwide democratic countries.

enhancing the participation of women within democracies is seen as central to improving governance (World Bank, 2002). George Bush, for instance, said in a speech in March 2006 that democracies reach their potential when women are allowed to participate fully (Washington Post, March 6, 2006). SWOT can be done as mentioned below:-


Reservation for women in jobs will create the equal opportunity of development of society Reservation for women in politics shall provide them to build and execute policies related to women empowerment and improvement. 33% Reservation in Panchayat election/ State assemble and in Lok Sabha is to ensure that women would have a voice in local government and, ultimately, help facilitate the formation of a more gender equal society.

Effective, educated women would choose to run for elections, and would serve to represent the interests and preferences of women.

With women empowerment there will be remarkable reduction in gender Disparity and ideally it should not be if we are thinking to become developed country.

Reservation for women will be the fast step to prevail the rule of equality.

Women in the area are skilled in cattle-rearing
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