Swot Analysis of Tata Motors

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Tata Motors Limited is India's largest automobile company. It is the leader in commercial vehiclessegment. It is ranked among the top three in passenger vehicles segment such as compact car,midsize car and other utility vehicle segments. It is the world's second largest bus manufacturer andworld's fourth largest truck manufacturer.Tata Motors Limited is established in 1945 with its vision "best in the manner in which we operate,best in the products we deliver, and best in our value system and ethics." The company has 24000employees who are guided by its vision. HISTORY

The first vehicles of the company has rolled out in 1954 and now more than 5.9 million Tata vehiclesrun on the Indian roads. Tata motors has started a strategic alliance with Fiat in 2005 followingwhich a new industrial joint venture was set up to produce both Fiat and Tata cars and Fiatpowertrains. Tata motors acts as a market distributor for Fiat branded cars in India.After its success in Indian automobile segment, Tata motors has started in diversification which, as aresult, became the first company from engineering sector in India to be listed in New York StockExchange in September 2004. It has also emerged as an International automobile company. Tatamotors now has its operations in United Kingdom, South Korea, Thailand and Spain.Tata motors has acquired Daewoo, South Korea's second largest truck maker in 2004. Then it hasformed a joint venture with Brazil-based Marcopolo

, the leader in body-building for buses andcoaches in order to manufacture fully built buses and coaches for India and other Internationalmarkets.The foundation of the company's growth over the last 50 years is a deep understanding of economicstimuli and customer needs, and the ability to translate them into customer-desired offeringsthrough leading edge R&D. With over 3,000 engineers and scientists, the company's EngineeringResearch Centre, established in 1966, has enabled pioneering technologies and products. Thecompany today has R&D centres in Pune, Jamshedpur, Lucknow, Dharwad in India, and in SouthKorea, Spain, and the UK. It was Tata Motors, which developed the first indigenously developed LightCommercial Vehicle, India's first Sports Utility Vehicle and, in 1998, the Tata Indica, India's first fullyindigenous passenger car. Within two years of launch, Tata Indica became India's largest selling carin its segment. In 2005, Tata Motors created a new segment by launching the Tata Ace, India's firstindigenously developed mini-truck.[http://www.tatamotors.com/our_world/profile.php] accessed on 02-Jan-2011 STRENGTHS

Tata Motors has already established its
in the automobile segment in India and otherInternational markets. It is now the leader in this industry with majority of market share.

Tata Motors produces
low cost 
fuel efficient 
vehicles in India. It has targeted normal middleclass person who is feasible to buy a car for his family. It has launched Tata Indica, apassenger car in 1998 which became the largest selling car in the segment 2 years after itslaunch.  

Tata Motors has spread widely across the country. With 3500 touch points, the company haseasy and fast access to its network 
of dealers, sales, services and spare parts in almost everyareas. y
The company's recent acquisitions of foreign brands has increased its g
lobal presence
The human resource of Tata Motors is very strong with around 24000 employees. y
Tata Motors has its own manufacturing plants in India.
Their acquisitions play an important role in
e of knowled 
Since it hasacquired Daewoo and Jaguar Landrover, the company has learnt the disciplines andwork methodology of how the global brands operate, what strategy they follow andhow do they overcome problems in the business, their techniques and so on. This isexpertise exchange is good and...
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