Swot Analysis of Pepsi Co.

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  • Published : March 4, 2008
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•Pepsi has a broader product line and outstanding reputation. •Merger of Quaker Oats produced synergy across the board.
•Record revenues and increasing market share.
•Lack of capital constraints (availability of large free cash flow). oGreat brands, strong distribution, innovative capabilities oNumber one maker of snacks, such as corn chips and potato chips •PepsiCo sells three products through the same distribution channel. For example, combining the production capabilities of Pepsi, Gatorade and Tropicana is a big opportunity to reduce costs, improve efficiency and smooth out the impact of seasonal fluctuations in demand for particular product.

•Pepsi hard to inspire vision and direction for large global company. •Not all PepsiCo products bear the company name
•PepsiCo is far away from leader Coca-cola in the international market - demand is highly elastic.

•Food division should expand internationally
•Noncarbonated drinks are the fastest-growing part of the industry •There are increasing trend toward healthy foods
•Focus on most important customer trend - "Convenience".

•F&B industry is mature
•Pepsi is blamed for pesticide residues in their products in one of their most promising emerging market e.g in India •Over 50 percent of the company's sales come from Frito-Lay; this is a threat if the market takes a downturn •PepsiCo now competes with Cadbury Schweppes, Coca-Cola, and Kraft foods (because of broader product line) which are well-run and financially sound competitors. •Size of company will demand a varied marketing program; Social, cultural, economic, political and governmental constrains.

The purpose of the strategy is to increase the EPS by 15% per annum and increase PepsiCo's stock price. There are two ways to increase the EPS, first is to increase the income and second to decrease the amount of stocks outstanding. To increase the income, there are two ways,...
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