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Swot Analysis of Nokia

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Swot Analysis of Nokia

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  • April 5, 2013
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SWOT Analysis of NOKIA
By: Novi Setiani

NOKIA has already known for one of the best quality mobile phone existed. Its distribution network also spread out widely all over the world. It is supported by and Especially in Asia, many people are still using NOKIA’s mobile phones to communicate each other. It is also the world's second-largest mobile phone maker after Samsung (SEE If we compare to the other company, the re-sale value of NOKIA’s mobile phone is higher. It is also said in . We can sell it up to 50% than its purchase value. And of course, we cannot put the durability and reliability of their mobile phones aside to be considered as its strength ( Weakness

Talking about NOKIA’s weakness, compare to Blackberry and Apple, NOKIA seems lagged. Based on , it has very few service centers and not maintaining the after sales services well. Moreover, NOKIA has failed to preserve their relationship with costumers. It also has missed time to revive while designing new product so the costumers have already chosen Apple, Blackberry or Samsung. It can be looked on The design and performance of NOKIA mobile phones are also decreasing and getting unstable. Even though NOKIA has been trying to make a new innovation in software (with Microsoft), many people think that it’s already late for NOKIA, because many other companies have been improving faster and preferable. Opportunities

As NOKIA’s slogan says Connecting People,...
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