Swot Analysis of Meru

Topics: Customer service, Customer, Strategic management Pages: 2 (663 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Meru Cabs was one of the first companies to launch metered "Radio cabs" in India under its brand "Meru." Meru has captured the first mover advantage in this segment. Meru is very famous among its customers so much that when people think of air conditioned cabs they associate it with Meru. Meru cabs offer good training to their drivers so that they can maintain the Meru level of consumer service. They also regularly maintain their cabs which make it neat and clean and so commuters enjoy their ride. They have digital tampered proof meters so there is no chance cheating. Weakness:

Meru cabs largely depend on technology right from the moment to pick up customers to drop them. They use GPRS system to track the customers and to drop them to their location and also to show them the real estimated time. So if there is any server failure or breakdown it becomes difficult for the cabs to function smoothly. Usually Meru cabs are available when customers call for it. So there is time lag between the call time and actual ride. They are not as easily available as local non air conditioned cabs. People usually prefer meru cabs for long distance travel. Opportunity:

Meru so far is catering only to major metro cities. They should consider upon extending their services to tier two cities because these cities are growing rapidly. They can also consider upon renting cars without chauffeurs. They can also update their customers with real flight time schedules through Infotainment services. Meru should also think for strategic partnership with various travels portals so that they can extend services like pick up and drop to customers to their hotels and so on. Threats:

Although Meru was the first player in this segment; it is now facing stiff competition from players like Tab Cab, Mega Cabs and so on. There is very less level of differentiation among all these cabs. So this is eroding the market share of Meru. Air conditioned buses started by BEST in...
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