Swot Analysis of It in Ryanair

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RYANAIR by: Simon Schuster 08707031 BAHTM

Since its beginnings in 1985, Ryanair has created a niche market for a ‘no frills’ airline based upon the model they adopted from Southwest Airlines. Ryanair is now the most popular (in terms of passenger traffic) low cost airline in Europe. Ryanair’s primary model is low cost and IT has been influential to this. Today, 99% of Ryanair passengers check-in online (the other 1% being a small number of self-check-in kiosks in Stansted) and the same ratio applies to sales, 99% of which are acquired through www.ryanair.com. We are going to conduct an analysis of the implementation of IT in their strategy. The analysis tool being used will be SWOT.


One of the strengths Ryanair have with regards to IT is their website. It accounts for almost the entirety of their sales. As well as this it provides a wealth of data on where people travel? How often? How many bags? These are all instrumental pieces of information that help manage operation. Using this information will allow Ryanair to boost the accuracy how it distributes its fleet across their destinations. Another use of this information would be how they control queues for passengers checking-in luggage as they would have the exact data from the online booking. As of August 2011, www.ryanair.com was the most visited airline website in Europe. This statistic shows that the website has a distinct advantage above their competitors in acquiring revenue from advertisements. As well as this, it shows a trend that travellers visit their site the most whether they go directly there or are referred to it because of their cheap prices. Aside from their website, they operate a single model fleet comprising of 275 Boeing 737-800s. This makes repairs and diagnostics universal which allows them to use the same scale to track and monitor the performance and safety of their aircrafts. This again would considerably lower costs.


Ryanair’s website has often...
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