Swot Analysis of India Essays.

Topics: Rooms, Sleep Pages: 3 (1315 words) Published: February 11, 2013
about a month ago my 3 friends and I tried our own Ouija board and we contacted a few different people. We thought it was really fun and nothing bad happened at first. We thought every spirit we talked too was only wanting to chat. About a week after doing it, we started hearing some funny noises at our flat but just assumed it was other flatmates getting up and going to the toilet. We asked the other flatmates about the noise and they all said none of them had been getting up. Soon after the noise got more intense and we would hear footsteps going past our bedroom doors down the hallway and into the bathroom and sometimes it would even open the bathroom door and close it again. Obviously we started to get worried about it as we are all only 18 and none of us have ever experienced something like this before, although when I was younger I did used to see a lady that used to follow me around a bit. One night we were all asleep and at about 5.30am my friend came into my room and said that while she was sleeping, she felt something holding her down and she couldn't roll over. Then her shoes were moved across the floor and 2 cans of drink that were on her floor got pushed over. When she finally could move again, she got up to come into my room and her door was locked. We sat up until around 9am and finally went back to sleep for a while. Then things stopped for a bit and we thought it might have been over but just at the start of this week we seen a little teddy bear sitting outside by the mailbox but we just left it there as it seemed to be a young kid's toy. We didn't really think much of it but thought it was quite creepy. The next day we noticed the teddy was sitting upstairs next to our rooms in a room that is just full of storage. We asked all the other 4 flatmates and none of them had moved it inside. Then me and 2 of my friends were sitting in one of our rooms one night and I went to the toilet and everything was fine. I came back and then my friend Jaimee...
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