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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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SWOT analysis for Haute Couture Fashions Bhd (HCF)
| |Strengths |Weaknesses | | |Kiki and Houida are major clients and contribute |Experiencing falling margins and profits over the| | |almost 50% income to HCF. |last few years. | | |Tan Boon Kheong, the founder of HCF was a skilled |The factory located in Penang was no longer big | | |master cutter and trained by British master cutter.|enough to cope with the production capacity. | | |Peter Tan had trained at Yves St Laurent and Gucci |Impossible to predict cost of material that HCF | | |as well as had a keen eye on women’s silhouette and|had to purchase from the fashion houses due to | | |interested in creating for both men and women’s |fluctuate in exchange market rates. | | |fashion. |Selling its garments at very low margin for the | | |Manage to get contract manufacturing with the |first time in 1997-1998. | | |European fashion houses based on excellent track |1998 saw HCF suffering its first loss. | | |record with the fashion houses. |Cross producing designs between labels would be | | |Turnover had reached RM10 million in late 1970s. |disastrous for HCF as it would immediately...
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