Swot Analysis of Hameedia

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SWOT analysis
This type of analysis is designed to help identify several areas of a business that may need improvement and other areas where the company may be able to improve upon. SWOT is an acronym for; Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. A company should consider this analysis to be one of the most important steps to becoming one of the leading stores and schools of this nature in the area.A business idea gets started by acquiring knowledge of a product, market or skill. In this case, the company's idea got started from the skills gained from years of diving and love of water and marine life. These things inspired the owner to start his business. One of the most difficult things to identify as a business owner and as an entrepreneur is that area where the company or owner is lacking strength. When considering a business venture, normally one is not looking at the negative factors of the business itself. In most cases, the entrepreneur looks at the positive factors that can help his business get started. Strengths

Highly Qualified Staff
Reasonable Prices
Over 20 years experiences in the business
Good rapport with customers.
Experienced well-connected management team and board of directors. Hameedia has been able to install and maintain a management team that is performing superiorly over its entire existence. This is foremost a consequence of the remarkable leadership abilities of its founder Fouzul Hameed. He is often described as having been a very charismatic figure. The challenge that lies ahead is to perpetuate this spirit and not to become an ordinary organization like many of its competitors servicing top level management more than the customer. For that task it will need an equally outstanding and humble leader on its own. Weaknesses

Lack of mission statement on the website
Lack of competition

Proper advertisement (Direct mail, sponsorships, place mats, radio, television advertisement,...
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