Swot Analysis of Bottled Water in Australia

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SWOT analysis
Awarded Best Water Bottling Plant by ABWI in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 and an Order of Excellence in 2003 and 2004. The water is bottled at source.
Owning the site of the natural spring has preempted the competitors such as multi national companies as Coca- cola . Rather than sourcing water from a spring, bottlers use existing town water and purify the water using a variety of treatments. This shows the lack of access to natural springs

The supply of water from Cooroy Mountain is abundant that reduces the disruption of limited water and supply this leads to high levels of output leading to economies of scale further reducing cost . The water is free and from a natural spring reducing cost and since the water is bottled at the location this reduces cost also . National and global trends towards healthy diets and remaining hydrated have prompted a growth in health beverages such as bottled water In the bulk water market (home and office delivery) the bottlers will usually hire coolers and stands and supply cups to customers but Cooroy mountain provides these complementary products to customers resulting in cross buying and increase in loyalty . The bottling plant is not far from the main towns that reduces the cost of transportation . Increasing competition from the soft drinks ( carbonated market ) that is dominating the industry .

The market is currently at the growth stage with high levels of profitability High increase in demand during Summer
Change is the trend of health and fitness –
Increase in the demand for non – carbonated beverages
The HOD market has continued its strong growth and less competitors in provide in this market since transporting bulk is harder than small bottles . Also the Total market has future growth potential .

The Australian market is primarily a spring water market, with Australians showing a preference for a natural-tasting product of consistent quality.

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