Swot Analysis of Better Place

Topics: Marketing, Apple Inc., Environment Pages: 2 (371 words) Published: February 21, 2013
SWOT analysis of Better Place
- E-car, you save money in the long run, - because it is way cheaper in the long run in comparison to gasoline. - Global impact, it is better for the environment.

- Complex infrastructure; It is difficult to manufacture and therefore build and provide costumer service for. - Expensive to manufacture – as it is a new technology, it is therefore difficult to manufacture, because it is a new concept. - no costumer base – because people aren’t aware of the new and smart e-car, as the market is extremely limited, and because no one drives around in an e-car.

- Political support – the politicians wants to support the e-car idea, because it is environmental friendly. - Consumer awareness – when people become aware of the environmental problems, more would maybe like to invest in an e-car. - Battery performance – it is crucial to improve the battery performance, so people do not have to stop to charge the battery – also make the charging quick, so they don’t have to wait. - Rising gasoline prices – due to the rising gasoline prices, more and more people are maybe willing to pay for an e-car.

- The costumer inconvenience – you cannot drive very far in the car without having to stop and charge the car. - Costumer willingness – costumers tend to stick to what they know, and that’s why they stick to gasoline cars, because that is something they’re familiar with. - battery technology – again, needing improvement, so you don’t have to stop. - rising electricity prices – as gasoline, the electricity price is also rising. Apple product lifecycle

iPad mini

When Introducing / launching the new iPad mini – the sales / ‘pre ordering’ of the new product will probably rise, as a lot of people are very interested in the new and trendy products being made.

Growth: as the hype about the product continues, the sales of the product increase even further.
Maturity: is...
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