Swot Analysis of Agricultural Business

Topics: Agriculture, Fruit, Strategic management Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: June 4, 2008
My senior project consists of five chapters. The introduction includes an overview, an introduction about the benefits of the vegetables and fruits since the vegetables and fruits are the main product of this company. Also it includes the history of the company, the management, the problem definition, and then after defining the problem of this company I want to provide this company with solutions that should be implemented in order to help this company regain itself and to decrease its losses. Chapter two is about the strategic planning of Berro Brothers Company which includes their vision, missions, internal policies and plans, SWOT analysis, and Porter’s five forces model. There are internal policies in several departments and their plans are divided into two types: operation and projection. Projection is for future plans and operation is policies that are related to labor and raw material. In this chapter several figures are included to simplify my explanation of my project. Chapter three includes financial statements and balance sheets. Chapter four includes logo design and logo interpretation. Chapter five is a conclusion and recommendation. It includes the limitations and future research. It also includes criticism about everything I’ve discussed in my project and to provide solutions and recommendations that will be a great benefit for Berro Brothers Agriculture Company.

Chapter One:

1.1 Overview:
Agriculture is the production of food, feed, fiber, fuel and other goods by the systematic raising of plants and animals. According to the International Labor Organization, 42% of the world's laborers are employed in agriculture, making it by far the most common occupation. However, agricultural production accounts for less than 5% of the Gross World Product. Agriculture includes hydroponics, plant breeding, hybridization, gene manipulation, better management of soil nutrients, and improved weed control....
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