SWOT Analysis of AAMU

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  • Published : July 13, 2011
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SW/OT Analysis of AAMU

1.A good place to gather information in regards to Black social thought. The Deltas had a very nice forum in regards to the Holocaust and how African Americans at AAMU said it affected them as well as other Blacks in America. 2.Provision of a place where acceptance is guaranteed among Blacks. In a white man’s world, its not always easy to find more than enough people in which you know that you can cooperate, befriend, and understand. Going into a class and knowing that there will definitely be someone who looks like you and in a lot of cases a teacher that looks like you, provides a sense of innate comfort that can only be ascertained through an institution who is predominantly one race, in this case, Black. 3.A place where the most collective intelligence of Black people are in one area. College students are among the worlds most innovative and creative thinkers. In a world that seeks innovation, college students have a prime opportunity to impact great change in the world. Mark Zuckerberg was a college student when he created the billion-dollar social networking site known as Facebook. AAMU college students have the same intelligence and can hone that intelligence to create a large part of history to forever be remembered. 4.The smaller class room sizes makes learning feel more intimate which ultimately leads to higher attendance and in turn better grades. If you’re not there you don’t know. Its like a subliminal message in the back of your head. That extra oomph that propels you to get up and go to class even when it is raining and windy outside. 5.The cost of living is relatively low which makes it easier for students who are venturing out of their parents nest for the first time, who are making their own way.


1.Lack of sufficient numbers to actually garner attention to hold events and such. 2.Being around those who look and act like you creates a bubble that shields AAMU students from many...
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