SWOT Analysis: Mineral Water Ozarka

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  • Published : November 27, 2011
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zarka Swot Analys

SWOT Analysis: Mineral water…. OZARKA

Ozarka is one of the leading companies owned by nestle waters the world`s largest bottled water company that is growing continuously. It was founded in 1905 in Eureka springs, Arkansas and has recently expanded tremendously. Following is a swot analysis of the company:

Strenghts: Ozarka has a distinct taste because it’s filtered naturally and has less chemical processing. Mineral water is mostly purchased because of its mineral content. Ozarka selects springs that have a high quality of minerals to embattle. Mineral water has an advantage on regular tap water and it is pure, convenient and also safe. Ozarka can be found anywhere in bottles and packs of 6,12,24,28 and even 35 at competitive prices. The more you buy, the less you pay per bottle. Many places that prohibit alcohol allow water. The recent going green concept is very important for companies like Ozarka and can be a factor of growth.

Weaknesses: The cost of Ozarka bottle water can be considered high compared to other commodities. Competition has sometimes lower prices because Ozarka is a quality brand name. The plastic bottle of Ozarka as well as any other Bottled water company can be damaging to both the drinker and the environment. The process of collecting and purifying water can be very bad for the ecosystem and is another weakness for a bottling company like Ozarka.

Opportunity: In todays economy, reaching out to the world is the best way to go. Ozarka is implanted nationally but very small on the international level. It needs to go beyong the American continent borders. Ozarka has the potential to doing that; Nestle can easily make that happen.

Threats: Competition is rough in the water business. Many stores like Kroger, Rice epicurean and Randalls are starting to create and promote their own bottled water. That can be dangerous to the display of Ozarka in these stores....
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