SWOT Analysis: Kopper Kettle Snacks Case Cracker

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  • Published : November 17, 2011
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Kopper Kettle Snacks Case Cracker

Class marketing
Instructor: Karen O’ Rouke
By: Daisy Chan

Kopper Kettle Snacks Case Cracker
SWOT Analysis:
Strengths| Weakness|
* Experience in the industry * Has a good local reputation * Has product being sold at some local restaurants, and small food stores. * Some local restaurants featured it as a side dish with good feedback from consumers * Healthy and decadent chips * Handmade Kettle chips * Willing to expand on product flavours * Knows that the company can’t cater to the whole country with their snacks ( company knows their boundaries)| * Needs more expansion in product flavours * Low advertising budget * Small plant which means low production * Expansion in the market besides the local consumers * Company has a website but only covers history and a note about the kettle chips. * Limited production equipment * Looking for Niche Market| Opportunities| Threats|

* People want to be more healthy and live longer * 48% of people enjoy chips as a snack * People are often very busy days and the age group 35-54 report skipping 74% of meals this can result in them snacking more often. * Salty snack foods grew 3.7% while healthy snack foods had a growth of 6.4 % * People want to have a snack that is quick and indulgent because they are time starved. * Men prefer to have the junk food while women prefer the healthier alternatives such as yogurt, fruit, and vegetables. * 21% of Ontarians snacked a few times a day in between meals. * 19% of People ages 18-34 prefer to snack in the morning * 13% of people ages 35-54 prefer snacking in the morning * 55% of people 18-34 snack in the afternoon * 42% of people 35-54 snack in the afternoon * 61% of people 18-34 snack in the evening * 60% of people 35-54 snack in the evening * 34% of people 18-34 snack before bed * 24% of people 35-54 snack before bed. * Consumers are usually of diverse ethnic backgrounds| * Consumer concern about the healthiness of the chips with perceptions towards the amount of sodium in the product, the oils its cooked in, the trans-fats, calories and movement of premiumness. * Recession * People are watching their wallets and looking for quality products that are worth the buy. * Frito lay company dominates 80% of the chip market. * Frito- Lay caters to the mass market and has developed baked chips, lightly salted chips and change the oil used in cooking because of health concerns from consumers on chips . * Old Dutch develops kettle cooked chips with a variety of flavours such as Cheddar. * Neal Brothers is focused on organic products for snack market. * Humpty Dumpty * Cape Cod * Miss. Vickie’s|

Consumer Behaviour∕Segmentation Analysis:
Consumer Behaviour regarding the product mix.
| Market Segment 1Men| Market Segment 2Afternoon Snacker| Market Segment 3Evening Snacker| Product| * Middle-high quality ingredients * Aged cheddar, tangy lime zest, and spicy jalapeno flavoured chips. * Red, purple, and black packaging with a distinct kettle logo that has rose vines wrapped around it. * Will have calorie count, no trans fat, and made with sunflower oil on the packaging.| * Mid-high ingredients * Sandwich flavoured chips that taste like roast beef, pastrami, grilled cheese, BLT and Chicken Club. * Chips would range from lightly salted to baked to original recipe. * Packaging will include no trans fat on the label, made with soybean oil on , and low sodium content on health facts. * Packaging will be silver, teal, and handwriting style lettering in gold with the kettle entwined by rose vines logo on it.| * Strawberry, peaches, blueberry, apple, pomegranate, mango flavoured chips covered with white, milk, or dark chocolate with a hint in the middle of the chip. * Packaged in blue with chrome coloured fancy mid 18th century style scripture on it with the company logo....
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