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The best way to describe to a colleague about Nightly Business Report has long been a leader in innovation in using technology, social media, and the latest communications channels to reach their audience .

Nightly Business Reports:

Consistently Television’s Most watched Evening Business News Program Award winning news coverage
Carried by more than 250 local public television stations
9% coverage of US TV households
2.6 million unduplicated viewers weekly
Educated, affluent, professional audience
Global carriage
Broadcasting Bureau’s WorldNet Satellite Network Armed forces Radio and Television Service

NBR is not the same as a favorite show, Nancy Grace in which I watch every night at 10:00 P.M. Nightly Business Reports has impact of what matters in the business world, and provides analysis and reflection so the news has meaning in which Nightly Business Reports empowers the viewers to make better financial decisions in their in life in the presence economic crisis or issues and future. Nancy Grace is television's only justice show for those interested in the breaking news of the day:


I streamlined many episodes, but one had impact on the topic I am interested in recession. The episode I watched Video: Fear of repeat recession Lingers. The nation is barely creating enough jobs to keep up with population growth.

This recession, Our generation’s Great Depression will profoundly transform the way we live, think and work. Their has been many controversial impact on today’s recession in which had effects that we had seen over our lifetime. Weather you disagree or agree these are my thoughts on how our world would change.

America’s Birth rate will continue dropping, and we will eventually get below the replacement rate: A common statistics is that it takes 2 births per woman to sustain a population.

The number of houses needed for the general population will drop tremendously:...
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