Swot Analysis for Smartphones

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Introduction – Smartphones.

Cellular devices have impacted our lives in many different ways since 1973. Cellular phone has evolved into something far more complex over the past decade – a smartphone. Simply put, a smartphone is the combination of Personal Digital Assistants (or PDAs), cellular device, and internet. Users are able to receive e-mail, edit documents, play games, and make phone calls with this simple handheld device. Smartphone has become a very popular product over the past few years. According to Pew Research Center and Statista, roughly 50% of the adults (age: 18-44) in the United States own a smartphone in 2011. Consequently, many wireless providers and manufacturers have changed their production and marketing strategies constantly to adapt to the current demand.

In this particular analysis report, I will compare and analyze four different smartphones with different operating systems that Rogers provide. Rogers is the most suitable provider option for this analysis because it has the largest smartphone market share (44%) in Canada.

The four smartphones and operating systems that are being compared and analyzed are: iPhone 4s, Samsung Galaxy S II LTE, Blackberry Bold 9900, and Samsung Focus. All these phones have different operating system. IPhone 4s is manufactured by Apple that runs the iOS operating system; Samsung Galaxy S II LTE is manufactured by Samsung that runs Android operating system; Blackberry Bold 9900 is manufactured by Research in Motion that runs Blackberry operating system; finally, Samsung Focus is manufactured by Samsung that runs Windows operating system. Those products are suitable for comparison because they are the top end products with their respective operating system that is provided by Rogers Wireless.

Section 1

The prices for the following four products are obtained through Rogers websites. Moreover, the prices will be justified by analyzing each product’s attributes, brand value, quality perception, design of the product, and cognitive dissonance.

In Summary, iPhone 4s is the most expensive smartphone that is offered by Rogers Wireless. It has a strong brand image and high customer satisfaction score. Moreover, it has the largest app store in 2011. Samsung Galaxy S II LTE is the second most expensive smartphone at Rogers. Customers purchase the Galaxy S II to cool and differentiate themselves from the iPhone users. Blackberry Bold 9900 is purchased due to its unique features, such as: secured network and BBM, and its loyal consumer base. Finally, the Samsung Focus is the least expensive smartphone that Rogers carry because Windows operating system is not very popular in 2011; however, Windows operating system is growing rapidly.

iPhone 4s (iOS)

iPhone 4s 16gb costs $159.00 with a three year commitment from Rogers Wireless. On the other hand, it costs $649.00 if the purchase is made without any contracts or commitments to the company. The cost of an iPhone is relatively higher than the other three smartphones that are being compared. The product features an iOS operating system that is created and developed by Apple. It also has the largest app-store in comparison to the other three platforms. iPhone 4s has a camera that shoots at 8 megapixel with high definition video recording system; most importantly, it has the unique Facetime feature that allows iPhone, iPad, and Macbook users to video call each other at no cost.

The cost of the product is also justified by the brand image and quality perception of the customers. Apple is a strong brand that is known all over the world. According to Interbrand, Apple is valued $33,492 million dollars, and is the eighth biggest brand in 2011. As a result, many consumers buy iPhone for the brand itself while ignoring its amazing features. Consumers often perceive iPhone as the best phone in the world. Moreover, iPhone has the most customer satisfaction score in 2011: with the score of 838 out of 1000 points – and...
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