Swot Analysis for Modess

Topics: Sanitary napkin, Marketing, Advertising Pages: 1 (312 words) Published: February 19, 2013
SWOT Analysis on Modess

Modess is household name in the Philippine market. Modess also occupies a position on the top three brands that dominate the female consumer’s mind when it comes to sanitary pads. Modess is one of the consistent top sellers of Johnson and Johnson and is a source of a big part of Johnson and Johnson’s total revenue. Due to this fact, Johnson and Johnson has created a division in their company solely for Modess, giving Modess more resources for innovation and advertising. Based on numerous reviews found online, Modess Sanitary Napkins have more than delivered a satisfactory service with a moderate price. A common denominator on all of the reviews gathered for this study is that a positive reception is always attached to Modess’ commitment to affordability without sacrificing quality.

The current advertising campaigns made by Modess do not emphasize the brand’s tandem of affordability and quality. In the day and age where lower-priced products are usually preferred over quality, this lack of emphasis can be very detrimental to Modess’ Philippine Market. Despite being affordable, Modess is still not the leading brand when it comes to the lowest prices. This factor is a vital determinant in the current Philippine Market, where quality is foregone for quantity, as mentioned above.

Modess can create an innovative pad, and have a campaign depicting periods to be handled better because of the ease that Modess gives. The campaign can also target those who prefer lower-priced brands through commercials, on-site demonstrations and other marketing tools. Threats:

The Sanitary Napkin Pad area is very crowded. A ground-breaking innovation will be hard to come by. The dominance of lower-priced options are very hard to displace, especially with the “cheaper is better” mindset that a majority of the populace has adopted due to the present stature of economy.
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