Swot Analysis for Mobile Phone Industry

Topics: Mobile phone, Internet, Technology Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: November 3, 2012
5. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities
and Threats
• Consumers across the UK now rely heavily on having a form of mobile communication at their disposal. The market is fast becoming an essential for the population and the chances of it changing are extremely low. • The UK industry is one that sees the most innovative and technologically advanced phones worldwide.

• Compared with other nations, the UK has a relatively high adoption level for technology. Many consumers are quick to integrate new technology into their daily lives.
• The networks in the UK are currently providing the UK with relatively high-speed wireless Internet for mobile phones through 3G.
• Smartphones have sold extremely well in the UK and applications (‘apps’) have created a new revenue stream for the industry.
• There is a danger that mobile phone manufacturers will see their profits dwindle as prices for more technologically advanced handsets fall. • The industry spends a great deal on marketing because competition is fierce. This ultimately has a detrimental effect on the profits of the industry. • The UK market has huge barriers to entry in terms of mobile service operators as Ofcom has to vet and regulate any new entrants.

• The industry is constantly subject to new breakthroughs and could easily produce new handsets that incorporate new technologies to encourage a continuous cycle of buying from consumers.
• Technological convergence is continually increasing and some ideas and manufacturers may come into the market from the computer industry. • The overall usage of mobile phones is still increasing. The proportion of the population using a mobile phone has gradually increased for many years. • A SIM (subscriber identity module) -only option for consumers has so far performed well and there is scope for growth in this area.

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• As mobile phones become more...
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