Swot Analysis for Innocent Drinks

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  • Published : October 22, 2011
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-Market leader in UK with annual sales of £130mn
-Reputation for 100% pure fruit juices so it appeals to the health conscious market -Extensive product range for kids and in different sizes
-Diverse market from kids to adults from all walks of life
-Innovative culture has called for an extensive range of new recipes with 30 different recipes -High brand equity has called for high levels of awareness and a unique brand identity - Quirky -High standards of CSR – ingredients and packaging purchased from environmentally and socially aware organizations Weaknesses:

-Negative press associated with McDonalds due to ‘unhealthy’ label -Change in perceptions towards Innocent’s ‘innocence’ atmosphere changing into a corporation seeking only to make profits without having the customers best interest at heart -Only restricted to healthy juices and has not penetrated other markets -Premium pricing due to premium suppliers, production cost. Perceived as premium brand -Lower customer base when compared to other supermarket brands and PepsiCo who have global presence

-Penetrate the healthy foods market in order to increase market share over processed foods -Increase market share in terms of reaching newer uses and users. For example as a healthy breakfast option as opposed to cereal or unhealthy bacon and eggs culture. Also suited for the busy executive who is on the rush -Expand Innocent outlets overseas in emerging markets as consumers are more health conscious -Distribute Innocent products elsewhere to create higher penetration in foreign markets -Promotional campaigns can be done hand in hand with other organizations who focus on healthy living -Use of renewable resources will help Innocent to market themselves as eco friendly and also lower production cost substantially Threats:

-High level of competition from PepsiCo and supermarket brands. The supermarket brands are posing themselves -Due to the recession and...
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