Swot Analysis for Gas Station

Topics: Management, Strategic management, Marketing Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: April 18, 2012
Situation Analysis (SWOT Analysis)

Our SWOT Analysis depicts our key strengths and weaknesses for our new project. It will describe the opportunities and threats that our potential full service gas station will possibly face.

External Opportunities and Threats

In this portion of our analysis, we will use our opportunities to overcome our threats. Of course, every business will have threats that they will need to prevail over. This is why we strongly believe that our marketing plan will certainly be prosperous. We will first look at our potential threats and see how easily we can reduce those threats with our opportunities. The biggest threat in almost every business today is our economy. In a tough economy such as ours, it is extremely important to stay in control and be very focused on our business. Some businesses have failed during this recession and some businesses have come out strong. There are businesses that were and still are being affected negatively by our slow economy. People now have less disposable income and as a result, limit their spending. So, what kind of opportunity can we take to overcome this economic threat? Well, for one, we can increase the current competition that is currently out in the business market. In order to do this we need to know what the “other guys” business is doing to be successful. Once we have our information, we can use it to improve our competitive advantage. This will also help create a more profound customer relationship. Another threat that consumers and businesses have seen is an increase on gas prices. With high gas prices and lower economic stability, it is only reasonable for everyone to feel frustrated. We would like to present a new business that can help customers get more than what they paid for. Yes, the gas price will remain the same, but we can offer much more. We will have new attendants to service our customer’s vehicles, such as, check tire pressure, clean windshield, and also check some...
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