Swot Analysis for Amazon.Com

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  • Published : January 2, 2012
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S W O T of Amazom. Com

1. Selling of hundred product ranges
2. Amazom.com offering service to Web developers
3. Business contracts with other to offer distribution and warehouse storage service 4. 45% of international sale
5. Secure transactions
6. Price discount
7. Continuously shopping improvement
8. Ability of offering unique recommendations to the induviduals 9. Creating a comunityes
10. Partnership
11. New service ( Audio $ Video downloading)
12. Strategy of increasing customer traffic
13. Promotion of repeat purchase and building of awareness 14. Repurchasing of up to $500million of shares of shares if undervalues 15. Amazom has a huge global brand

1. Convince of themselves for the investment in a projects 2. Adding new category in business creates a risks which could damage the brand 3. Selling toys automotives brings confuse to customer of book segment 4. Free shipping undoubtly erode profit

5. Lawsuit that challenge the companies use
6. Sales increase, Income Tax increases

1. Very large market segment
2. Emergency prerared store
3. Baby stores
4. Grand automative parts and accesories
5. Providing of several e-commerce service
6. Launching of two new business (Fulfillment $ Webstores) 7. US has more than 50% of internet users
8. Brand-loyal customers
9. Popularity of social networks (Myspace, Facebook)
10. A good economy
11. “Borders Group” will close half of its Waldenbooks store 12. International offices
13. Expansion of fulfillment capacity
14. Amazon has been a pioneer
15. Amazon has its own proprietary and licence technology from other companies 16. Investment of sevral areas
17. An increase of sales from 2005-2006 ($ 8.5-10.6 million)

1. Power of internet for customer
2. Continueing wars ( global )
3. Hyperinfilation ( Brazil, Mexico )
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