Swot Analysis: First in Show Pet Food

Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, Dog food Pages: 2 (616 words) Published: March 19, 2012
SWOT Analysis: First in Show Pet Food
J.P.S. 3/11/12 MKTG610 – Dr. Susan Glover
Strengths * The product is of the highest quality in its class being 85% fresh meat and 15% highest-quality fortified cereal. * The product is unique in that it is a frozen dog food. * The product markets to a high paying customer. * The product has a very specific market who may be very receptive to the product * The product provides benefits directly associated with consumer (i.e. improved coat sheen) and has been used by dog show winners. * There is a current market trend showing improvements in dog food sales * The management of the company has experience in the marketing field as they were a producer with Show Circuit. * Low initial cost as the product will only be distributed locally in Boston. * Already have a small following in Boston. * This product is one of its kind in the area. * The product will be able to be manipulated according to reactions in Boston. * Advertising will be fairly easy to attract its target market by being present at all the local shows * Great research was put into the product and was tested during this research and development stage. * Federal inspection of the dog food may be an attractive quality for purchasers.| Weaknesses * A high production cost means that this cost will be inherited by the purchaser. * The need to introduce a brand-new product to consumers as opposed to a new variation on an existing product. * There is a very limited market for this product. * The group to whom they plan to advertise represents only a small percentage of the market share. * The unknown reception of the product to the consumers (perhaps frozen dog food will be too much work for dog owners) * The possible reluctance of the consumer to purchase such an expensive dog food. * The consumer must keep the product frozen * The distributor must keep the product frozen * Generally, consumers will not look in the frozen...
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