Swot Analysis: Coca Cola Company

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  • Published : May 15, 2011
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1. Effective advertising campaign

2. Youth sensitivity marketing

3. Collaboration with other companies

4. World’s largest beverage company

5. Favorite drink


1. Not all products are available in all divisions

2. Cost instability

3. No performance in snack division


1. Trend toward healthy eating and drinking
2. Regulations regarding warning labels
3. Possible entrants in the industry
4. Parting of Nestle and Coca-Cola

1. Use of digital marketing platform

2. Increasing investment

3. CSG divesting in the beverage industry

S. O.
(S1  O1) : Coca – Cola co. is known for their effective advertising campaign. Using   this strength, Coca-Cola co. could launch new commercials introducing the use of digital marketing platform (through social network sites such as facebook, twitter, etc...). This action can possibly attract more customers.  

(S2  O1) : Coca-Cola co. is youth sensitive(target market is 12 years old and above). This fact justifies that they will succeed with the use of digital marketing platform.  
(S3  O2) : Continuous collaboration of Coca-Cola co.with other companies   is a great opportunity to increase its investment.  
S. T.
(S1  T1) : Promote nutritional products such as coke zero, coke diet, etc. Applying its effective advertising campaign meeting the trend toward healthy eating and drinking.  
(S4  T2) : Having held as the favourite drink, and using this advantage to make people set aside any regulations regarding warning labels.  
(S5  T3) : Entry of other firms in the beverage industry is possible although it will be difficult for them, considering Coca –Cola co.is the world’s largest beverage company.  
W. O.
(W1  O3) : Coca-Cola Co. can take over the space left by CSG by filling this space with Coca-Cola products unavailable to those divisions.  
(W2  O2) : Investment on the...
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