SWOT Analysis: CK Cares, Florida Mentor, Easter Seals

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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| CK CARES| SUNRISE COMMUNITIES| GOODWILL| UNITED CEREBRAL PALSY| BIG BROTHER BIG SISTER| STRENGTHS| Employable skills training, Behavior analysis, providing employers with behavioral skill class. Social and community integration. Rites of passage mentor program.| Supported employment training, coach supported employment and behavioral analysis.| Vocational training, rehabilitation services and, computer training.Employment| Children and adult services. Family support. Supported employment.| Provides mentoring services for children ages 5-18.Volunteer services.| OPPORTUNITIES| Ck Cares will fill the void created by budget cuts and the 4 tier caps limiting and cutting services to individuals with developmental disabilities .provide services to the consumers free of charge in overcoming barriers to independence and employment.| Supported employment assisting people with disabilities in getting and keeping jobs in the community without any barriers.| Opening more retail stores providing more jobs for consumers.| Adult services provide vocational training so their consumers can gain independence and job success.| All children who need mentoring to help reach their potential by doing better in school and overcoming any challenges they face.| WEAKNESS| Limited capacity to help everyone in need.| Does not provide services to non-disabled individuals.| Does not provide mentoring, community outreach programs and behavioral services.| No mentoring programs.Services not provided to non-disabled individuals.| No behavioral services. No services for disabled children.| THREATS| Other competitive wanting to compete with CK Cares| Budgets cuts| | Budget cuts| Need more volunteers. Waiting list.|

| FLORIDA MENTOR| TAKE STOCK IN CHILDREN| SOUTH FLORIDA NATIONAL FOUNDATION| MACTOWN| Center for independent living| STRENGTHS| Therapeutic case management.Residential services, foster care.| Mentoring Helping low- income students with...
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