Swot Analysis and Alternative Strategies for a University and Strategies for an Organization

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It is important for representatives from all areas of college or university t9o identify and discuss alternative strategies that could be benefit faculty, students, alumni, staff and other constituencies. As you complete this exercise, notice the learning and understanding that occurs as a people express different opinions. Recall that the process of planning is more important than the document. STEP 1

Key External Factors of University
1. Provide education to women
2. Offers a wide range of courses
3. New campus
4. Day care centre
5. Number of permanent faculty members
6. Offers online university degree
1. Transportation
2. Technolgy advances required innovation
3. Lack of faculty
4. Increase in number of universities
Key Internal Factor of University
1. First aid facility
2. Well Reputation
3. Many computer labs
4. Increasing Revenues
5. Construction of new departments
6. Mosque for student’s prayers
7. First women bank limited branch
1. Administration is not efficient
2. Un availability of multimedia
3. Management not solves the problem of students.
4. Availability of class room.
5. Problem in submission of fee.
6. PCO (Public call office) does not provide full time service to students. STEP 2
Alternative Strategies that could benefit my university:
1. University should arrange their own busses and to provide pick and drop service to the students 2. Allow the students to submit their fee in other branch of first women bank limited located outside the university to over come the load and save the time of students and staff. 3. Construct separate new labs for all the departments with the availability of all required instruments. 4. Atleast one new campus of the university should be located in different provinces of Pakistan. 5. Increase in number of permanent faculty member to make the administration more efficient. 6. New interns should also provide with a facility to teach in the university with their new ideas and capabilities. 7. Make a separate department which not only listen the problems of student but also sort out these problems. 8. Introduce M.phil department with a wide range of courses. 9. To arrange all activities on time, management staff should give all necessary information according to their work. 10. Student should given a chance to participate in more events held outside the university. 11. Teachers should not allow taking classes after 4.00 pm.

12. Every class has its own multimedia to teach the students in more efficient way. 13. New technology should introduce which help the administration to do their work in more efficient way. 14 Duties of workers on PCO should divide into two shifts which will help the student to take the benefit of full time service. 15. Expand the area of mosque

16. By using new advance technology offers online university degree STEP 3 AND 4
Step no 3: Rate the strategies by using scale 1 to 3. Step no 4: Record my own rating RATING CHART


Strategy number 2333312
Strategy number 3221308
Strategy number 4122308
Strategy number 5333312
Strategy number 6211206
Strategy number 7333312
Strategy number 8322310
Strategy number 9121206
Strategy number 10212207
Strategy number 11333312
Strategy number 12232310
Strategy number 13122308
Strategy number 14322209
Strategy number 15322310
Strategy number 16333312
1= I do not support the implementation
2= I am...
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