Swot Analysis

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  • Published : April 5, 2011
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We are going to produce a SWOT analysis to find out how effective KOTEX is operating and what internal factors may influence its success. A SWOT analysis analyses the internal factors that may influence the success of a business. The initials SWOT stand for:

STRENGTH - kotex have many product lines, so, the customer can choose the suitable for themself. Kotex also well-known product. As a result, many retailers and intermediaries sell this product; easily to found. They also have creative packaging for their existence and new product such as slim pad (soft & smooth) that have new package and U, the creative and unique packaging for new product. WEAKNESSES – if you watch the advertisement, they always use teenagers and young model, so, it makes the consumer and customer thinks their focus on teenagers only not for the adult people. Their competitor, LIBRESSE uses Adibah Noor (adult) as their model will attract the adult customer. Kotex also not provide enough information on packaging on their certain product such as KOTEX STYLE. OPPORTUNITIES – kotex can use media such as YouTube to market their product. THREATS - kotex have successful and also well-known brands as competitors make the market more competitive. E.g. Stayfree and Whisper. Their competitors also bring out similar product (feature and characteristics). The competitors also use marketing tactics cut price to snatch away KOTEX customer.

Strength * Wide products line * Well-known * Easily found * Nice and creative packaging| Weaknesses * More to teens * Not enough information on packaging| Opportunities * Research & Development * Increase media available(internet)| Threats * Well known successful brands as competitor ( STAYFREE, WHISPER) * Competitors bring out similar product * Competitors could use aggressive marketing tactics cut prices/increasepromotion|
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