Swot Analysis

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2.1.8. SWOT Analysis of Sakae Sushi
The SWOT analysis provides useful information for strategic formulation (Quickmba, 2007, accessed on 25 September 2007).

• Strong Brand Name – Associated with value for money, good quality and healthy Japanese food. • Varieties in Menu – New dishes introduced to cater for different group of customers.

• Extended Services – Delivery services provided to reach out to more consumers.

Human Resource
• Staff Development – In-house training certified by Workforce Development Agency (WDA) (Apex Pal.com, accessed on 20 September 2007) is conducted to ensure staff efficiency and productivity. Employees are given academic sponsorship.

• Collaboration with major banks on credit card promotions – Penetration of different market segments allowed through discounts and reward points given to cardholders.

• Innovative Technology – Interactive menu, Patented Portable Conveyor Belt, Sushi Rice Ball Robot, Rice Washing Machine, Intercom System are introduced to enhance efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction (Foo, accessed on 22 September 2007).

• Lack of Japanese “feel” – No strong Japanese culture displayed in the outlets. • Lack of creativity of dishes – Menu is similar to competitors; no in-house special dishes, hence no product differentiation or superiority. • Presentation of food – Improvements can be made to enhance the visual appeal.

• Large funds and effort spent on technology – 3.5 years spent to develop the conveyor belt and around $60,000 to $100,000 to patent it (Foo, accessed on 22 September 2007).

• Halal Certification – Open up new Market segment, increasing revenues....
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