Swot Analysis

Topics: Employment, Problem solving, Cisco Systems Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: March 10, 2013
SWOT Analysis
There are a few good strengths about me, that will help me be able to get a good job coming out of ECPI lf University. Well first off I'll start with the one year and a half that I had here at ECPI as a student, a lot of hands of experience with different types of work; making Ethernet cables, repairing hardware of a PC, etc. On top of that I am currently employed at GLS (Global Linking Solutions) where we monitor and troubleshoot internet connections for a number of customers, and that specific piece of equipment we monitor is a Cisco router. Making sure the router is properly configured so it can communicated with the modem to have connection at the customer's premises. So I have a good amount of working with PC's and routers. I will soon graduate and earn my Associates Degree in Network Security. Also currently working on getting my CCNA certificate in the near future.

Of course we all have some weaknesses for employment in my field and in our character trait. One thing I haven't had too much experience with is working and troubleshooting with the actual software of a computer. Another weakness that see in me is one that I think we all struggle with is procrastination. That's why I like to work at a fast pace job where things need to get done now instead of sometime later, which means I will get it done now. But as for school I've had this in me and doing little things at a time to fix this issue as in having a calendar in my room and marking off each thing I need to get done.

Some ways that can improve my visibility in my field; first thing first I would say is experience and hands on. In my company that I work now, there are a lot of opportunities and lots of new things to get your hands on. One thing it not to be afraid of trying new things and messing up because that is how you learn, by making mistakes. Another thing is how quickly you learn from those mistakes and mesmerize everything and then help out others and becoming a...
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