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  • Published : December 19, 2012
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SWOT analysis
Coffee Kiosk Plan
Michael Evans

This is a SWOT analysis of the Coffee Kiosk Business Plan [ (Coffe Kiosk Business Plan) ] found on Bplans.com. It is a business plan for starting drive through coffee cafés and mobile cafés. This plan intends to take advantage of a need in the coffee and café industry to provide uniqueness that will allow them to become profitable by building a strong customer base with competitiveness, quality product and convenance.

We begin with the strength of the plan. The plan appears to be well thought out and researched. The writers have gone through great effort to compile financial figures to appropriate to the opening and growth of their proposed business. They have approached previously successful individuals to aid in the managing of this new company as well as creating a managing system able to grow from within to meet growing needs. They have given considerable thought to what their future customers will want and need and how they can provide for those needs and wants. They have made preliminary deals with suppliers for equipment and product. They have also accounted for how much product will be necessary and how to grow that supply and maintain it to provide fresh product for their customers. TDP has provided plans to grow their business through various forms of advertising to take advantage of all opportunities available to them. [ (Coffe Kiosk Business Plan) ]

I am unable to identify any particular weakness other than ambition, but that is a necessary business quality. Many of their projections are based on a perceived customer want and need and the assumption that their product will meet that need and want sufficiently to build a strong customer base. I fell their ambition is overextended in their plans for the number of locations they want to open in the allotted time frame. While it may very well be possible to do so I believe it will be more difficult than their plan may...
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