Swot Analysis

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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SWOT Analysis

By Olabamiji C Olabisi

October 21, 2012


University of Phoenix

Instructor: Amber Williams, MBA

Writing an effective business plan is a necessity when looking for financiers for a nonprofit or profit organization. An effective business plan allows the owner to perfect the business model and attract any investors to help launch the business. (Jones, 2007) A business plan contains an executive summary, background information on the company, strategies and resources necessary to function and organize the business model, and a timeline for the business to meet or exceed expectations. The Youth Sports Nonprofit Organization has a strong business plan and includes each of the following.

The Youth Sports Nonprofit Organization has researched information from the demographics of the area they are looking to provide youth sports services. Their purpose is to give urban children the opportunity to participate in activities that would keep them involved in positive experiences. The plan has included the fiscal requirement for the first three years and how they plan on achieving it. Organization of the sports programs that will be implemented have been planned for an operating year. The ability to use the school system to promote the program for the children who have not participated in organized activities is a good way to get them involved. Also, giving the teachers the opportunity to be involved is a good way to help recruit children for the program. A child may want to work with their favorite teacher. Also, allowing any college student who participates in coaching to receive credits for their school can also gain support for the system. These college students can learn how to work well with the children, especially if they intend to become coaches themselves or just work with children in general. The implementation of the system also help keep the program afloat by using the members...
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