Swot Analysis

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Profile of the Company:
It was a raining deodorant in the Indian market. The new player in the Rs 1000 crores cluttered market was the brand Fogg from Vini Cosmetics Ltd came into market to compete the other top brands in the men deodorant sector mainly. The brand started running its launch campaign in various media. The Fogg started its way into the market in a very different way compared to the other deodorants in the market. As we can say, “First impression was its best impression”, when all others come up with the same strategy of advertisements and same way of models and portraying their product as a girl catching equipment, Fogg came with its own strategy of value for money and no gas. Current Marketing Situation:

The present market situation of the Fogg is high compared to the starting stages. In the beginning, their market seems to be dull as because of their sudden entry into the market to compete with the other top brands, which are all already in the market competing with each other with the same strategy of the advertisements. But Fogg catch hold of the vision of the customers and attracted very firmly and in a nice way with their advertisement strategy, which was different compared to the other brands. It made them to be a part of the high end market now. But still they didn’t attain the market leader status, which they are expecting. But they held the place of axe, who was their main competitor from the very beginning. SWOT and Market Analysis:

The highly cluttered Deo market is full of a brand which promotes them as a tool to attract girls. The quality of the ads has become so pathetic and stereotyped that many brands project themselves as aphrodisiacs. A hunk, swimming pool, foreign girls in minimal clothes, and the guy spray the deo and all girls ran towards him. This is the theme of almost 85 % of the ad. It is in this scenario that the launch of Fogg becomes relevant. The refreshing fact is that unlike the other deos, the brand chose not to focus on girls. Thank god for that. So instead of focusing on attraction, the brand focused on something very interesting - quantity of deo or in broader terms Value. The brand tried and won to change the category play by breaking the stereotype built around deos. The brand rightly identified that the so called functional benefit of the deos has been commoditized and trivialized by other brands that no one believes any of the claims. Hence the brand wants to differentiate by focusing on the value part of the product. The brand claims that it has more deos hence more value for money. The brand tries to convey this value proposition by suggesting that other deo brands has more gas than actual deo by demonstration and also by guaranteeing 800 sprays for a bottle. It has to be noted that the brand is priced at the premium end of the market. SWOT:

1. Different marketing strategy.
2. Concentrated on the quantity of the spray.
3. Competed with the competitor with perfection in strategy. 4. The advertisement, which catch hold of all the audience, whom they targeted mainly. Weakness:
1. Not sure about the 800 sprays, they guaranteed.
2. Only an urban market phenomenon.
3. High pricing reduces the target market.
1. Their strengths can lead them to lead the market.
2. Continuously concentrating on different kinds of advertisements from other deodorants. 3. New strategies, New customers too.
1. Loss of market.
2. Lack of trust, if there is no 800 sprays.
3. Should not be static. Will make them loss their opportunities.

Axe, Fuel, Park Avenue.
Goals, Objectives and Issues:
Their Goal is to attain the market leader position by beating up all the competitors with their own strategy. And they almost started the race in the perfect manner with the different way of thinking apart from other brands. And now, the view should be on the move of customers from the other...
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